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"Course modules for study abroad at Rise Global academy are based on genuine guidance. You get guidance in an unbiased manner, due to this I strongly recommend everyone to avail such transparent service."
"Rise global academy is a good institute which provides excellent guidance for overseas education and has provided me with a good platform. It creates a path on which a person can move in his life without regretting his decision. "
"Few months ago I enrolled myself for IELTS coaching at Rise global academy. It was a great experience studying at the institute, as the faculty and supporting staff were very helpful in contributing their time and effort in making me prepare for IELTS. "
"Where English as a subject is concerned, it did not interest me at all but after a few classes I developed my interest to learn English. I was provided with interesting material and timely scheduled classes, the institute really helped me accomplish what I desired for. Hence, I can say that rise global academy proved to be a stepping stone to a successful journey ahead. "
"Before joining the institute I was scared about IELTS because I didn't have any idea about IELTS. Then I got to know about the institute and the faculty told me in detail about the exam and also gave me knowledge about the strategies to make while preparing for the exam. "
"Voice and accent training that I received at the institute helped me improve my skills. Some of the tips I received are the ones you can't learn in a book. The training exercises were invaluable and helped me understand and learn what I didn't know and strengthened what I already knew. "
"Since the time I joined Rise global academy, I found the personality development classes very helpful. I got to learn a lot from the classes and improve the way and the manner in which I am able to project myself to the world. Sessions on Public Speaking and Presentation Skills were indeed very unique and useful."
"My IELTS classes at rise academy are still continuing. I am doing this course for almost a month. With choosing this centre I am satisfied with my decision. I feel I have taken the right step. "
"Rise global academy is the best institute for IELTS. The guidance that the institute gives is worth taking and is of great value. The classes are interesting and innovative. I am thankful to the institute that I got 9 band in Listening and 8 band overall. "
"I enrolled at Rise global academy for spoken English classes. The guidance given at the centre is qualitative and effective. After enrolling in the classes, I can see a tremendous change in me which has helped me in my overall growth. "
"Institutes play a great role in imparting right education to an individual. After taking classes at the institute I have been able to clear all my doubts about GRE and helped me to score well. "
"I studied in a Hindi medium school and was constantly facing issues in writing and understanding lectures. Besides, whenever I had to interact, I used to feel self-conscious because I made a lot of grammatical mistakes in spoken English. The course at the institute helped me to speak very fluent English and now I am capable of giving presentations confidently. "
"Doing a course at Rise for voice and accent was an excellent experience for me. I had completed my graduation in English medium but still English was a problematic language for me. I knew the language but was making a lot of mistakes in accent & pronunciation, after this course I am able to speak confidently and clearly in English, my MTI has been removed significantly. "
"After joining the course on personality development at the institute, I gained self- belief to speak in English and portray myself with ease without getting nervous. "
"I was born and brought up in Calcutta, so I had a typical Bengali accent. I knew to speak but with a lot of mistakes. Rise changed my life; the institute helped me gain confidence and helped me present myself in the right way. "
"I am a student in Gurgaon. I joined the institute to gain confidence and build my personality. The trainer at the institute helped me gain my confidence. The trainer made me do mirror practice in class and I saw my confidence rising. After the course, now I speak in English with ease and confidence. "
"Doing the course on voice and accent at the institute added to my personality and improved my accent. Before joining the course, I faced many problems in communication in English as I was from vernacular medium. After the course, now I can speak in correct English with proper pronunciation. voice & accent Training Online"
"The personality development module at rise enabled me to showcase my talent in spheres that I was not of even aware of. During an exhibition, I spoke in English with some foreigners; they were so impressed that they bought my paintings. "
"After completing my education from Bihar, I had come to Delhi in search of a job. But in all my interviews, I was rejected because of wrong English. After completing my course at Rise, I not only started speaking correct English but was also successful in neutralizing my accent. "
"I am from Jhansi, before joining the course in personality development I used to feel nervous to mix with people speaking and waited for them to speak in Hindi. My confidence was low because my English was poor. The institute enabled me to build my confidence and rise above mediocrity. PTE Online Classes"
"Before enrolling in the course I used to speak fast, I used to stammer and was low in confidence. After the course I have overcome all my limitations. Joining the course has been a turning point in my life. With my mentor by my side I have become a changed person. "
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