Our philosophy and vision

Rise Global Academy - We believe in "Building Sustainable Development in People"

R - Rebuild
I - Innovate
S - Strengthen
E - Energize

Personality can be nurtured and confidence can be reinforced using effective tools and exposure to different situations. We design such tools and train our trainees on using these tools. These trainees are then encouraged to participate in classroom simulation exercises to develop their skills (Check our Personality Development programmes).

Our goal is to help our trainees become self-sufficient in identifying their strengths and become more confident as they face different personal and professional situations in their daily lives. Our efforts help in enhancing their personal power and individual brands.


We help individuals and organizations & their talent build unlimited power to create individual and collective successes using their personality and strong communication skills. (Check our Corporate Trainings). We also offer a suite of services spanning a wide spectrum of HR Initiatives to our Clients across multiple industries. We stand out in today's crowded HR consulting space due to our speed in delivery and client intimacy. (Check our Consulting Services @ www.riseconsulting.in)


High class, High quality, On-time delivery, Deep industry and functional expertise, High customer service orientation

Human mind has unlimited power to create success. In today's competitive environment, it is essential that we groom our company talent to develop a confident personality that reflects positive thinking, strong communication skills and an appealing nature. (Know More)


Our Logo is a combination of two very vibrant colours 'Bright Yellow' and 'Sky Blue' signifying 'Hope' and 'Aspiration' embodying a human form rising from the Earth symbolized by the 'Black' colour. Our tagline 'Rise to live your dreams' is the essence of 'RISE Group'