RISE Books & Training Material for Success & Growth

For those who want to learn at their own pace from the comfort of their homes, RISE has excellent Books+DVD combination of its Training Material which has been compiled after years of research. These Books+DVD combination makes your learning effective and smooth.

Quick Memorization technique for faster speaking ability
Sentence starters to remove hesitation
Art of Conversation to learn the secrets of good conversations
Phrasal verbs to build quick vocabulary
DVD contains real life conversations to help you learn fast
Idioms & Phrases for everyday use.
Grammar concepts learned through conversations.
Improvement in Accent & Pronunciation through reading.

This book helps you speak fluent English in very less time. In 2-3 months, your spoken English fluency would be equivalent to that of a student in a typical English school who had studied English for six months! The memorization techniques help you memorize key phrase/chunks to speak fluently.

Today, hundreds of thousands of students around the world are learning to speak English fluently using the methodology described in this book. The Spoken English AV lessons are in the CD which with the book.

You have an opportunity for a better paying job, but you need to improve your English before you can apply.
Or you want to enroll in a university in the United States, but your English is not good.
Or you need better Spoken English fluency to impress your boss, peers and team.
Or you can read, write & understand English but cannot speak

Then this book is just right for you.

Business Vocabulary Building
Improving Fluency for Business Conversations
Acquiring Neutral Accent
Accompanying CD contains most business scenarios
Presentation Skills & Body Language
E-Mail & Business Reports Writing
Business Mannerisms & Etiquettes
Planning & Rehearsing before crucial meetings
Interview Preparations

Tips, Hints & Strategies to crack IELTS
Accompanying CD contains the Speaking & Listening Extracts
Practice Tests for all four components- Speaking, Listening, Reading & Writing
Both Academic & General Sample tests for all four modules
Complete answers keys with Examiners' comments..

Best PTE Books
Detailed description of test features, Format & Scoring
Accompanying CD contains the authentic test questions
Practice Tests for all four components- Speaking, Listening, Reading & Writing
Both Academic & General Sample tests for all four modules
Complete answers keys with Examiners' comments.
PTE test taking Strategies & Tips

Public Speaking
Presentation Skills
Voice & Accent Training
Body language & postures
Professional Grooming
Leadership Skills
Interpersonal Skills
Interview Preparations

Customized Training Material on Soft Skills Development

RISE has a unique approach to helping you with improving your soft skills. The processs is very effective yet very simple. After having a detailed round of discussion with you in person or one-to-one discussion over Skype/Net-meeting, we design and deliver customized training material to you. The material is supported with interactive one-to-one interaction to make the delivery most effective for you. This is the best and scientific way to ensure that your learning objective is completely achieved.

We make customized training material on the following soft skills:

Public Speaking Rs 999
Presentation Skills Rs 999
E-mail Writing & Business Reports Rs 999
Personality Types and Behaviours
(Understanding one's personality and those of others)
Rs 999
Self Motivation in the workplace Rs 999
Gaining Confidence and Building Self Esteem Rs 999
Setting Achievable Goals Rs 999
Time Management Rs 999
Business Manners, Etiquette
(e-mail, telephone and other etiquettes)
Rs 999
Grooming & Dressing Sense
(what to wear and not to wear, table manners, etc)
Rs 999
Communication Techniques;
Barriers to effective communication.
Rs 999
Interview Preparation Rs 999
Active Listening & probing Skills Rs 999
Improving Body Language & posture Rs 999
Voice Modulation Rs 999
Managing Stress Rs 999
Team Bonding & Team Building Rs 999
Developing Thought Awareness
and Positive Rational Thinking
Rs 999
Decision Making Techniques Rs 999
Managing Conflicts Rs 999
Negotiation Skills Rs 999
Anger Management Rs 999
Leadership skills in the workplace Rs 999
Developing Assertive Behaviour Rs 999
Customer Relationship Management Rs 999